Wednesday, February 4, 2009


That title could refer to my ability to keep up with blogging...however it refers to my inability to type based on a recent accident that put 14 stitches in my right index finger. I had no idea how much I use that hand in every day to day things. Typing this post for example is taking the better part of the morning. I was going to plan to use only words created with the left hand but that looked really stupid! :)

I wish I had some great bear or chainsaw story but the accident happened as a result of helping my sweet wife prepare to host some of our FFI students. She dashed out to take one of our son's to a guitar lesson and as I was lighting candles I realized that one of the larger one's had burned down to the bottom of its glass container. It is one of those but hurricane type glass holders. As I tried to get the candle out, the glass shattered and shaved off a good portion of my right index finger at the middle knuckle. (TMI I know...) After an adventurous couple hours I was home among our great students doing praise and worship. A gift indeed... Could have been a lot worse.

I think you learn a great deal about family when emergancies like this happen. The boys sprang into action; Stephen drove me to the emergancy room then returned home to host the students; Nicolas came to the hospital after his lesson and as a "doctor to be" watched intently as I was stitched up, asked endless questions and took pics on his phone (no they will not appear here); Christopher offered assistance in the form of his favorite stuffed animal; and Matthew told us he could put himself to bed - he insisted he was a big boy!

In a week I should be back to full hand use... until then go see Seven Pounds as the ultimate worldview commentary of the month.



Rebecca (Sam's wife) said...

wait what?? your boys are old enough to drive?? sorry that can't be? (picking myself off the floor now)
glad the finger is doing better.

Eric Gingerich said...

I wouldn't mind seeing your critique of Seven Pounds... I saw it opening weekend and left feeling a bit ticked off by how glorified the idea was