Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Starting the Journey

I have fought this urge for some time now... the urge to jump into the blog-osphere and begin to give out my tidbits of opinion and worldview perspectives. I guess I thought I really didn't have anything to say that anyone else would care about hearing. Then this morning I was talking with one my students here at Focus on the Family Institute and I heard myself say - "If you become a teacher, you are not the expert, you must view yourself as resource person. You are also on the journey. You just happen to have traveled a little further down the pathway and you can share the journey you've traveled as you've discovered the truth about issues in your life." I can't tell you the number of times I have said that to eager young college students about to embark on a life of adventure.

That will be the primary purpose of this blog. As life experience happens to me, and from the perspective of a worldview 'geek' (living in a world, where it is "never JUST a movie!") maybe I can add some thoughts to the discussion as we all travel the journey for Truth. As a Christian I will obviously have that set of lenses firmly in place, but that doesn't mean that I am unwilling or unable to look at things critically, including my own beliefs. I have a confidence in those beliefs, not because they are legalistic, but because I have tried the others and they have left me wanting.

I welcome anyone who is willing to come along for the ride. Interact, comment, respond, disagree, push, etc. - but this journey will be marked with two words: "winsome" and "respect". I pray we all keep that in mind because some of these core issues I will visit may step on a few toes. That's part of the journey! Off we go...