Tuesday, January 20, 2009


The inaugural speech and ceremony just finished.  Regardless of your perspective on this incoming President, the peaceful passing of power in this land is indeed unique and special in the world.  It was intriguing to see the looks of "knowing" and "understanding" that all the former presidents and first ladies had with the incoming President and new first lady.  Obama's face looked as if he was beginning to feel the reality of the pressure of being the leader of the free world.  There is a weight that none of us can truly understand.  Each of those former presidents also looked so much older than when we saw them stand where he did today.  One of the political/editorial cartoonists this morning showed the Chief Justice administering the oath of office and President Obama with a huge globe on his back.  Welcome to the Oval Office and all that goes with it.

This was indeed historic and my honest prayer is that God sees fit to look down and surround this president with wise people and discerning guidance.  The challenges ahead are even more daunting than in previous years and he is going to need that wisdom.  

From a worldview perspective I find it interesting that in a post-modern era - defined by the need for individuals to express themselves and do what they like - that we have just re-entered an era of more involved government.  So many of those that live by those same post-modern standards elected a government that believes whole-heartedly that government can and should help solve the problems of this country.  Time will indeed tell if this group of the electorate someday will think less about today in glowing terms, but like a new Kenny Chesney song - "I went home at 2 with a 10 and woke up at 10 with a 2"... 

Friday, January 9, 2009

Sad News

I saw the email come a little while ago from our Alumni Coordinator here at the Institute and I was fearing what it said when I opened it. A young lady who had attended FFI last Spring was in a motorcycle accident over last weekend and has been in a coma every since. The last word I had was that she was taken off of life support last night. I knew in my gut it would be a number of hours before I got this email. Lindy reported what she said she didn't want to, but that Angie had died.

There are so many things that go through your head and heart whenever things like this happen. Part of me says, "in my head I understand death - especially for a believer - but in my heart I grieve." Another part of me tends to begin to question all that know to be true, because it runs counter to how I feel at the moment.

Angie was a young lady full of life and even though life had not given her the best circumstances in the past, she faced every day with joy, or at least she tried to. I remember conversations in my office where she would start by talking about someone else and we would move a little closer to her own journey and she would try to direct the conversation away from her. I occasionally would get her to open up and got to know a woman who was scarred but seeking; was thoughtful and compassionate; and most of all she would break out with a loud laugh whenever the mood hit her. Once in class she found herself in one of those moments we all hate, but when you laugh out loud and no one else really does... But where you and I would be bothered, she just kept on laughing - and eventually the infection hit the whole class. What I said - not that funny - her reaction - priceless.

I know that death is part of life - but usually the only things that come to mind in moments like these sound so trite and empty. I also know that Angie is having quite a party right now... She walked out of our lives and into the Father's arms. Not a bad place to find yourself at all... We'll miss her though!